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Handmade Soap Wrapped in Vintage Chenille

All soaps are handmade at our 100+ year old family farm in small batches of 20 bars at a time.  Ingredients are:  water (most soaps contain goat's milk), vegetable, olive and coconut oils & sodium hydroxide with added essential or fragrance oils, herbs, spices, botanicals. We make over 65 different soaps.  All large bars are wrapped in vintage chenille w/raffia & silk flowers & are approximately 5 to 6 ounces-much larger than most handmade soap.   All of our soaps lather up great, and last unbelievably long.

     Large Bars-$6.00 (5-6 oz.)
     Mini Bars-$2.50 (1.25 oz)

2.5” Bath Bombs - $6.50

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Aloe Vera –Aloe Juice & FO, Good for Irritated Skin & Minor Burns

Almondmeal/Sandalwood – Ground Almonds &   Sandalwood Fragrance-Exfoliating

Applejack & Peel-Apples & Cinnamon FO

Bay Rum -Old Fashioned Men's Fragrance

Bergamot Coriander-Nice & Lemony

Blackberry Sage-Great Blackberry Sage FO

Bug-A-Way – Lavender, Citronella & Cedarwood EO's-Repels Bugs

Candy Cane-Sweet Peppermint FO-Pink & White Swirl

Champagne-A little of the bubbly! Champagne FO

Charcoal Rosemary- Activated Charcoal pulls toxins from the pores, and Rosemary Essential Oil is a natural antiseptic.  Great facial soap, but can be used all over.

Coffee – Coffee Grounds & Fragrance Oil-Removes Kitchen Odors-Speckled Brown

Cranberry Spice – Cranberry/Cinnamon Scent-Dusty Dark Pink

Dr. Mom – Peppermint & Eucalyptus – Good for Colds – Pretty Pink

Energy-Energizing citrus/floral blend. FO

Eucalyptus-Essential Oil-Antiseptic-Green

Fresh Linen – Fresh Linen Fragrance Oil - White

Fresh Squeezed Citrus-Orange, Lemon & Lime EO-Dark Peach Color

Gardener's Grit (Lemongrass) – Yellow Cornmeal/ Pumice/Lemongrass Essential Oil

Gardenia-Lovely Old-Fashioned Fragrance

Goat's Milk Honey-Goat's Milk,& Milk & Honey Fragrance -Mild-Skin Softening

Grapefruit Ginger- Fresh & Citrus -Way more than the sum of these two fragrances!

Green Clover & Aloe-Fresher than a spring breeze! Clover & Aloe Fragrance Oil

Green Tea-Green tea leaves & FO

Hibiscus-A Floral that is not too Flowery!

Hill Country Peach –Peach Scent & Color

Honeysuckle Hollow-Fragrance Oil, Yellow

Hippie Chick-Earthy/Musky for all you hippies!

Lavender – Lavender Essential Oil -Calming, Lavender Color

Lemon Verbena – Lemon FO & Leaves-Exfoliating

Magnolia-Magnolia Fragrance Oil, White

Mandarin Lime & Poppy-Citrus w/ poppy seeds for exfoliation.  FO

Mediterranean Fig-Earthy & Seductive-Mediterranean Fig FO- Green

Mint Mud-Peppermint Essential Oil-French Clay-Rich, Creamy Lather-Feels Like a Facial-Refreshing

Oatmeal-Ground Oatmeal-Unscented –for Irritated Skin

Oatmeal-Almond – Mild, Cleansing for Face & Irritated Skin-Ground Oatmeal, Almond Fragrance

Orange Patchouli-Orange & Patchouli EO

Patchouli-For all of you hippie’s-Patchouli EO-White

Peppermint Tea Tree – Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oils–Peppermint Leaves Antiseptic Qualities-My Absolute Best Seller

Plumeria Blossom-Plumeria Fragrance Oil-Pink

Pomegranate-Sweet & Fruity-Deep Red Color

Pumpkin Spice– Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil & Cinnamon Spice-Said to be Alluring to Men!

Rosemary Mint-Rosemary & Peppermint FO/EO

Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar-FO w/Sage Leaves-Green

Seaweed & Kelp-Seaweed Flakes & Kelp FO- Reminds me of the spa!  Green Color

Snow Place Like Home-Clean Soapy Fragrance-FO

Snowflake-Light & Powdery FO

Spearmint-Very refreshing- Spearmint EO- Green

Stress Relief-Lavender, Peppermint & Spearmint EO Relaxing and invigorating! White Color

Sweet Rain-Sweet Rain Fragrance-Blue

Texas Bluebonnet – Bluebonnet Scent –Blue Color

Tomato Basil – Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil & Basil Essential Oil- Kitchen Soap – Removes Odors from Hands & has Antiseptic Qualities

Vanilla Bean – Extraordinary Vanilla Scent – Dark Brown

Watermelon-Watermelon Fragrance Oil – Dark Pink

Woodlands-Masculine Pine-Woodlands FO

Yellow Rose of Texas – Rose FO-Yellow Rose Petals

Craft Shows

Craft Shows We Attend:
Wimberley Market Days
1st Saturday of the Month
March- December
Booth #238

Goliad Market Days
2nd Saturday of the Month
On the Square

Roundtop/Warrenton Antique Show
Spring & Fall Show
(See the Show Daily Magazine for exact dates)
Zapp Hall Field
Warrenton, TX

Other markets we may occasionally attend are listed on our
Facebook & Instagram Pages.